Welcome to the Superstars Club!

For people with learning disabilities

Wednesday Evenings (16+)


Dance and Drama Club starts at 7 pm to 9pm in the Burnavon.

If you want to act a loony this is the right place for you. Become fit, gain better communication and co-ordination skills through the act of dancing and becoming one of Superstar's mighty big stars.

Tuesday Evenings (12 +)


Bowling starts at 7pm till 8pm at the Cookstown Leisure Centre.

If you want to make new friends, gain valuable skills like hand to eye coordination or if you just want to chuck a bowl really hard down an alley this is the right place for you!!

Thursday Evenings (16+)


Multi-Sport Club starts at 7pm to 9pm at the Cookstown Leisure centre.

Here, under the guidance and experience of two skilled coaches, members get to work as a team/ or solo, learning new skills, how to keep physically fit and most importantly gaining friendship from working within groups.

Saturday Evenings (12+)


The Teen and Adult Club starts at 7 pm to 9pm in the Superstar's Cafe.

If you want to relax, mingle with friends and probably put the feet up, this is the best place to be.

Within a safe enviroment, every superstar gets to relax, play board games or consoles, talk or play pool. After a hard week, anybody would want a safe haven to relax in. You may even get to catch up with your friends after school/ college or even work.

Club Schedule

Tuesday Bowling Club 7pm to 8pm


Wednesday Dance and Drama Club 7pm to 9pm


Thursday Sports Club 7pm to 9pm


Saturday Saturday Club 7pm to 9pm





Jan - Pantomine Outing


Feb - Themed Disco


May - May Ball


June - Theatre Show

Annual Barbecue


Oct - Fancy Dress Disco


Dec - Christmas Party


If you would like to know more contact us at:


13 Oldtown Street


Co. Tyrone

BT80 8EE




Phone: 028 86763306

Mobile: 07834543009